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Litre Meter have tailor-made solutions for all applications. Proven over many years. Installed throughout the world. Pelton wheel, Rotary Piston and Helical Screw volumeters suitable for a wide range of fluids and duties.  High pressure, low flow, hazardous areas from aluminium to stainless steel construction.  Highly accurate, precise and linear volumeter. Thermal Mass Gas for gas measurement and Vortex meters for steam. Coriolis too.

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Made to measure, best in their field.

Applications Litrre Meter cover:

Low Viscosity Liquids
  • Pelton Wheel Flowmeters
  • Intrinsically Safe Flowmeters
  • VFF Positive Displacement Flowmeters
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters
  • Hoffer Turbine Flowmeters
  • KEM Turbine Flowmeters
High Viscosity Liquids
  • VFF Rotary Piston Meters for Accurate Low Flow Metering
  • KEM Gear Flowmeters
  • KEM Helical Screw Flowmeters
Gas Flowmeters
  • Sierra Thermal Mass gas Flowmeters
  • Hoffer Turbine Thermal Mass gas Flowmeters
  • Ritter Drum-type Gas Flow meters - volumetric
Oil Industry, Oil & Gas Flowmeters
  • VFF Rotary Piston Meters for Chemical Injection and Hydraulics measurement
  • Pelton Wheel for Low flow
  • Hoffer Turbine Meters
  • Tricor Coriolis Flow Meters
  • High Pressure Flow Measurement to 4000 bar / 60000 psi
  • Subsea Flow Measurement
  • Sierra Thermal Mass Gas and Vortex meters for steam
 Chemically resistant flowmeters constructed entirely from titanium, PFA, PVDF, PP or PVC
You can also contact Litre Meter Ltd on 0800 018 3001 and 01296 670200.